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3 gallon ipa batch

If i’ve got an ounce each of amarillo, cascade and centennial, which would you guys lean towards for the bittering addtion?

My targeted OG is 1.060 with 70% gold lme and 20% briess light dme and possibly 4-6 ounces of sucrose to up the alc.

So far this is what i’ve got for hop structure:

60 min .5oz Amarillo
30 min .5oz Centennial
15 min .5oz Amarillo
10 min 1.0oz Cascade
5 min .5oz Centennial

I’ve read in other forums that using centennial as bittering can mask the flavor additions of amarillo…
Using hopville, a full 1oz addition of Amarillo puts my ibu was out of whack with what an am. ipa should have.

Should i simplify the 15,10, and 5 min aroma additions?


Oh yeah forgot to mention, using US-05 as the yeast!!

Get rid of the 30min addition. No need.
How about blending all 3 hops together and having a 60-10-5-1 additions? Just a thought.
Also, you should really dry hop as well. I’ve made several IPA’s and dry hopping is the way to go. I made 2 IPA’s without dry hopping and their just ok.

Good idea. I hadn’t though of blending. I’ll most likely pick up another oz of centennial for dry hop when that time comes.

Although this won’t be a true tell of the final taste…I always seems to “sample” what i’ve used for my gravity reading. There was quite a bit of sweetness, which should ferment out, but the hop flavor of the sample was great!!
Thanks again for the idea on mixing the hops into all additions, and honestly a bit later that night I tried Founders Centennial for the first time. I felt my “sample” had a very similar hop profile to what I tasted in that beer.

editWell about 10 days into primary, krausen has disappeared for several days and no visible sign of movement in the liquid. My OG was 1.069 and it has settled around 1.016-1.018 can’t seem to decipher through the sample. Either way that’s around high 6 low 7 abv. The hop profile has mellowed significantly so I’m dry hopping for a week or so with more centennial. Without carbonation the sample has clears from the palette quite well with muted citrus notes. The golden malt has a very smooth forward profile. All in all it seems very “rounded” with nothing jumping out of balance. So far so good…let’s see what the dry hopping adds. I’m really wishing this was a full 5 gallon batch right about now!! :cheers:

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