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3 gallon corny kegs

Looking for good place to purchase…on west coast near Portland, OR…thanks

If you find some cheap let me know…
I don’t think they are easy to come by for an affordable price.

Pretty much impossible to find them cheap and used anywhere. Just go with 5 gallon kegs. I keg 3-4 gallon beers in them all the time. Works the same.

If you have a good source for 5gal kegs for cheap or free you might place a 2 for 1 offer on CL. I offered to trade two 5gal kegs for one 3gal and got two offers in no time. Best of all I got the 5gal kegs for free.

+1 on the Craigslist part, I got a 3 gallon keg for $35 and two 6 gallon carboys with handles for 20 total. Best of all the guy retired from a homebrew shop and was selling things he didn’t need anymore.

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