3 Gal. All Grain Kits?

I am totally new to brewing in general, done a couple extracts with friends but want to get into All Grain. 5 gallon batches is way too much for me, I would prefer to stick with a 3 gallon batch. I see that some of the BIABs yield 3 gallons, but is there any way to get some of the all grain kits in 3 gallon amounts?

You can always scale down a 5 gallon recipe to 3 gallons. It would probably be cheaper to buy individual ingredients then buying a kit.
There’s a bunch of calculators on the net that allows you to scale recipes.

I don’t understand the question… The 3-gallon BIAB kits are all all-grain; all scaled-versions of the 5-gallon kits. They only have a measly 8 BIAB kits though. Please email customer service asking for more variety; they’ll blow you off, but if they hear the request from enough people. Who knows?

I also buy grain and brew without kits. I’m not sure it’s much cheaper unless you can buy in bulk.