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3 Floyds Permanent Funeral

So I was at the store today and picking up a few bottles for the weekend (3 Floyds Dreadnaught, Delerium Tremens, Capital Capsized). Get up to the register and the guy asks me if I want “a funeral”. Now this is the liquor store I frequent so I kinda of guessed that when they say something odd like that they have something special behind the counter. They did this to me once before when I was buying a bottle of scotch and they notified me that they had on bottle of Balvenie Tun 1401 left. Anyhoo…

So the guy reaches behind him and grabs a bottle of 3 Floyds Permanent Funeral from a box labelled: “limit one per customer”. I figured what the hell and I’m glad I did.

Golden in color this beer pours a nice frothy head with fairly high carbonation. Huge pink grapefruit aroma makes way for a mild bitterness and slight spiciness before going back into a slightly sweet big pink grapefruit bomb of a beer. Sweetness lingers on the lips and the fruit lingers on the tongue making for a pleasant finish. Makes me wish it was summer as this would be a good to quaff when its hot out.

I had this on tap in Chicago at a restaurant called Farmhouse in December. Fantastic beer, definitely my favorite IPA as of late.

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