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3 five gallon all grain batches during the long weekend

Just finished washing the brew pot after brewing 3 different all grain batches this long weekend. Its been a great weekend. Interesting to brew during the day, and then clean all equipment, make a new yeast starter for the following day, and then measure and mill grains as well; all in a single day in preparation for the next batch. I’m spent.


Perhaps its time for 10 gallon batches? Takes about the same time… Sneezles61


10 gall spilt brew. Maybe than

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Thanks guys. I have a new electric system that will allow me to make 10 at a time. Just enjoy brewing outdoors in the great weather and having a variety of beer on tap


It’s def not the same experience brewing 3 days straight in your kitchen. For me this leads to fights about people wanting the kitchen for food prep. The nerve


So, party at your place in about 6 weeks?

Haha sure! Right after homebrew con, just cruise over

Me not even come close to the idea. Brew in the kitchen. Anger from the other ones in my house. Got my own sanctuary. To brew my beer.

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