3/8" vs 1/2" counterflow wort chiller?

I’m thinking about either building or buying a counterflow wort chiller for my 10 gallon batches. I see most people doing 25’ x either 3/8" or 1/2". How much better is the 1/2" one? Is it worth the extra $. (I have well water at 57 degrees year round) Thanks

For 25’ I think you’d be better with a 3/8" inner tube. The larger inner tube will give you a higher flow rate, but you might need more length to drop to the same temperature. I went with 3/8" with my CFC, and I still have to valve it way down to get the temperature to the low 60’s using a pump to push the wort. At that rate there isn’t an advantage to a 1/2" tube.

I made a chiller out of 50’ 3/8" O.D. It cools 5 gal in 10 minutes. I am currently retooling my process to 10 gal batches. I plan to add another 25’ to my existing 50’. I will add it to the top of the stack but plumb it parallel, so the upper level benefits from fresh cold water. Just have to find time for fabrication and testing.

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