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3.5 year old nut brown ale

Found a full case of nut brown ale I made 3.5 years ago. Cracked on open, smells good, looked clear, very over carbonated. If it tast ok, is it ok to drink? Or just call it a loss. It was stored in a cool dry basement in plastic tubs.

It’ll be fine to drink. Might even be improved after being kept that long, although chances are it’s on the decline. I have a couple homebrew bottles in my basement that are old enough to vote. The RIS was actually not too bad when I tried it last year.

If you pour it in a glass and stir it for a minute or two with a spoon, you’ll knock a lot of the carbonation out of it. Nice simple fix for when a beer is overcarbonated.

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That stuff is toxic! Send it to me immediately for disposal! Don’t even touch the sealed bottles with your bare hands!



Thank you. Going to give them a try. George

Looks good but the color looks more like a pale ale.

Color could be affected by the fluorescent bulb a few inches above the glass.

Age only kills some beer. Like the mass market lagers. I wouldn’t be afraid of it

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