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2nd stage starter with rotten egg smell

Hey folks!

So I started a second stage for my starter tonight. 1L of WLP530.

First stage went off without a hitch on Saturday. Sat on a stir plate for 24 hours, then went into the fridge until tonight (Thursday). Took it out, decanted, and added another liter of wort. Within an hour, there was kraussen up to the foam stopper, and a rotten egg smell… Neither of these two things happened during the first stage. Is this something to be concerned with?


UPDATE: It’s been nearly two hours since that post, and now it actually smells pleasantly of bread. It got fairly offensive with the egg smell for that first hour, but now it smells pretty darn good!

The fermentation is going crazy though! It pushed out the foam stopper, and I had to go with foil. I suppose this is a good thing then? Disaster averted?


As with humans and rotten egg smells, ‘better out than in’

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