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2nd BIAB/All-Grain ... dOo7qDklQE

Brewed up my second BIAB. It was Common Room ESB, expected OG was 1.054. I came in at 1.060. :wink:
My wife had her first solo brew tonight. My brother in law had a one year old kit and she brewed it up for him. She added some English hops at flame out to conceal any “issues” with the age of the kit. Very happy with my results tonight. I definitely have my temp. control dialed in and made a few changes that I think helped with my efficiency. My volume after boil was EXACT. which is exciting given that we had 38 mph winds today.


38mph winds? that will make keeping a flame going tough. And really mess with the evaporation rate.

I brewed two batches last night with 20-25 mph winds. Was able to keep the boil going ok, but no worries about boil overs. Kind of nice that the handles of the pots stayed cool too, but I am sure I used a lot of propane

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