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2nd batch

So I am bottling my first ever brew this weekend (Hanks Hefeweizen)

I am already trying to figure out which I should brew next? Anyone have any extract kit recommendations for a newbie’s second run?


kind of like asking for a good movie to watch - so many people have so many opinions

having said that, I think a good one to always try is the basica irish red ale. pretty forgiving and very good clean beer. or the extra pale ale they sell is a good easy clean one to try

What kind of beers do you like. Browns/ambers/PAs are pretty forgiving so they might he something you look into. The Caribou Slobber is a pretty solid beer that is easy to make while dialing in your system and techniques.

Why not try a clone kit of one you’re familiar with? It can help you get to know what your brewing system tastes like.

Why get a kit? Pick an extract, some specialty grains, yeast, and hops and make your own beer.

Thanks for the input everyone! I generally like all type of beers but wanted to make something I think the girlfriend will like as well. Maybe a wheat beer, something kinda like Oberon?

I’ve never had Oberon, but the T-Can and Bearcat’s Wheaten Beatdown extract kit is fantastic!

How about something like 6# of dry wheat extract in a five gallon batch with US-05 and your own hop schedule to taste? If you want something with a little bit lighter and dryer flavor just substitute a pound of extract with a half pound of table sugar. You could also try adding a little coriander and orange zest, maybe in half the batch, to see how it compares.

I don’t know what Oberon is like either, but do you know if she’s ever tried a Wit? It’s a very mellow easy drinking type of beer. Have her try a Blue Moon for a watered down commercial version, and if she seems to like it, blow her away by brewing the NB kit.

My 2nd batch was a wheat extract kit that I amended in an attempt to clone Sam Adams Summer ale.

Came out pretty good…wife liked it too so a win-win. :cheers:

the NB kit is a bit on the pricey side, but they have an Apricot Ale kit that, if you or the wife likes slightly without being overpowering fruity summer beers, is excellent. different enough it stands out but still very drinkable

I had a lot of fun with a Sierra Madre Pale Ale clone and dry hopped with additional whole cones for a week. Had fun and created an excellent beer!

These all sound amazing. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, cant wait to make the next brew!

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