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2nd Batch Underway

Well I started my second batch. I’m trying a DME this time and came to a quick conclusion that DME is a pain.
I attempted to mix the dry malt and rice syrup in a separate bucket using some of the boiled water. About 80% dissolved leaving a collection of hardened extract. The remaining dissolved after adding to the pot and stirring under heat. After that it was pretty much the same process.
It’s day two of fermentation. I had replaced my bucket lid with a sealed lid after my original lid cracked while removing it. The wort is in a pretty aggressive state of fermenting and the airlock is bubbling away. My OG was 1.041 and with temperature correction is 1.039 matching the recipe guidelines.

Am I reading that you added DME and Syrup to a bucket… like not a pot?

Dissolve it in cold water. Piece of cake. Don’t believe me read this

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The malt and rice syrup were both dry extract. And yes I mixed the dry ingredients in a sanitized bucket and added 1 gallon of water from the 3 gallons that I boiled in the pot. This method was recommended on another forum.
I poured the mixed malt and rice syrup in the pot. Then brought to a boil and proceeded to add the bittering hops boiling for 45 mins then added the flavor hops, boiled for 15 mins, then started cooling the wort.
Thanks for the link and advice for using cold water. I’ll try it if I ever use DME in the future.

Just read and watched the video in brew_cat’s link. Not much different than what I did with the exception of using cold water to start the slurry I made in the bucket.
Thanks again.

If your going to home brew you will be using DME. Starters, boost ABV when doing all grain etc.

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I just dump it in the pot of boiling water and stir. It’s not like it’s a race or anything. It will dissolve with time and some stirring. I remember being impatient with this in the beginning but it’s really not that hard. @olanwade the added bucket is way too much extra work.

Mine wasn’t a matter of patience. After reading all of the horror stories of mixing DME in the pot with the steam, etc my motivation was how to make it as simple and easy as possible. Making a slurry seemed like an easy, no mess solution. Oh well, live and learn.

LME you add slowly with the burner off making absolutely sure it does not scorch on the bottom of your pot. DME you dump as fast as you can. There have been times I’ve dumped, stirred a little, and walked away only to return to all the DME being dissolved. IMO people make too much out of the process.

It’s not lumps it’s the sticky bag when you dump it in over the steam. I agree with @olanwade I don’t use it unless I have to which is rarely

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Thank You @brew_cat! :beers:

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