2nd batch much better

Just popped the top on my second batch… Freaking good beer. It’s a partial mash Belgian ale kit. Been in the bottle 12 days and is ten fold better than the first batch… Cant wait until its gone the full two weeks… I’m gonna get lit up like the 4th of July.

Was worried that I couldn’t make good beer after the first batch… But this batch is a confidence boost.


That’s great! I’m about to try my first brew tomorrow so I have high hopes. All the tastings up to bottling have been progressively better. I was worried it might remain as bitter as brew day but it smoothed out over 3 weeks. Cheers!

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How was it?

Amazing! A tad hoppy for me but it’s a nice balance. I couldn’t believe I made it, neither could my friends-who asked if they could have one! It was the sweet stout, an Amber is sitting now and I need to check my cider tomorrow. This is so fun and cost saving too.

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