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24oz beer bottles?

Okay, I have been searching all over the place and cant find anything on this. Are there any suppliers that us amateurs can buy from that sell 24 oz beer bottles like Sierra Nevada uses for their Harvest Ales? I know getting 22 oz bottles will amount to pretty much the same thing but just curious if us home brewers are pretty much limited to 12 and 22oz for pry top bottles?

750ml champagne bottles are cappable, as are 16oz and 500ml. All are sold by our host. I use 1.5L champagne bottles with caps sometimes.

Why not buy the 24oz SNs, drink, then refill?

Oh believe me, I am drinking and refilling SN bottles about as fast as i can get them. The issue is two fold. First there is only one place withing about 20 miles of where i live that sells SN in bombers, second, it is getting expensive :frowning:

i mostly keg but i like to bottle my big what i did and ask the people at the beer store to save some 24 oz. returns. if you dont have bottle deposits in your area then encourage your friends to start buying, and saving bombers…so you can fill them…and give some away. either way you’ll end up with a lot bottles. i have my beer store saving any size brown swing tops to wich i have about 60 at only .05 cents per.( the deposit !) hope this helps.

I’m a lazy, lazy man, so I’m using Grolsch bottles and building up on 1 L flip-tops. About 30 bucks a dozen, but they’ll be recycled many times.

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