24 Hours and nothing?!

I just brewed a Belgian Dubbel and dropped yeast about 24 hours ago and have yet to have any cap on the brew or major perking, just a sporadic bubble every 15min or more. Is this normal for this yeast or Dubbels in general?

I used the 1214 Belgian Abbey yeast, and during activation noticed that the bag only swelled to about half full in 3 hours. I chilled the wort to temp and my thermometer said 75F, which is what the recipe recommended, and dropped the yeast. The half swell and high temp have me worried.

Is re-pitching a viable option? Should I possibly try a different yeast that would process the candi sugar?

Anything helps. Thanks.

I don t know anything about your yeast, but i would give it time, I just started a bock, took about 48 hours to form some krusen, thats all i know to tell you, may not be correct for this yeast though

Relax and have one…no reason to panic yet. If there’s no activity through tomorrow you can throw another batch of yeast in. Kind of a bummer it didn’t take off but a temp of 75 wouldn’t have messed it up too badly at all

“technically” you probably under pitch the yeast. A starter could have lessened the lag time. The yeast are going through the reproduction phase before they start the fermentation phase.

Give it time. 72-84 hours before I start to worry.

What is the date on the yeast?

Thanks for the responses. A couple hours after I posted all hell broke loose. First time using this yeast so was a little worried on the delay.