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21st amendment brewery fireside chat

just had one of these last night that someone else had bought. it was quite good the spices were very subtle. 45 ibus was more than i would have expected in a beer like this but it was a smooth bitterness that made the beer very drinkable for an almost 8% abv beer.

I bought a bunch of 21-A cans a year ago on my way through Mass. Back in black, fireside chat, and watermelon wheat, six of each. Didn’t like a single one. Maybe the cans were super old, I don’t know, but there was a character between every one that I could not stand. Not metallic or anything, just gross. I’m sure the beer is 10x better at the pub than shipped across the country and sitting on a warm shelf.

i agree if you got the same gross taste from a couple different beers it would make me think it was age or poor storage. im in ohio so in not really close to the brewery either but the guy who bought it said he goes to this store all the time and it was the first time he saw it. so i figure it was relatively Fresh.

I have only ever had their Back in Black, but it was delicious. Although, I bought it from a cooler at a liquor store that stores their beer cold. I am pretty sure that the cans come from a partner brewery here in Minnesota, so that probably means that it is fresher here than other places. I guess the argument that cans are a more stable package than glass doesn’t mean that they can take an infinite amount of abuse.

I live near SF and stop by the pub every so often. Personally I find there is a lot better beer out there. To me their beer is good but nothing to make me a “fan”. Must be a taste preference thing because I seem to be in the minority.

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