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2112 Warm Up?

I made a clone of a Sam Adams for my wife and sister on 10/16. Since I don’t have the capactiy to lager, I used 2112 and have been holding it around 65 in a swamp cooler. Fermentation appears to be settling down - krausen has dropped, but evidence of CO2 still bubbling up through the beer. I really want this ready for Thanksgiving and was planning on a 4 week ferment, then kegged and forced carbed (my first attempt at that as well).

In regards to using 2112, in my normal ales, after fermentation slows I take the carboy upstairs to warm it up to help it finish. Can I do that with the 2112, or should I just leave it in the basement at 65? Will it finish in 3 weeks from now?

Recipe was as follows:
1/2 lb crystal 60 (steep)
3.3 lbs light DME
3 lbs liquid amber extract
2 oz tettnanger @ 60
.5 oz hallertaue @ 20
.5 oz hallertau @ flame out
2112 California Lager

OG 1.055

Just wait two weeks and take a gravity reading should be finished by then. The last 20+ beers I have done have all been done in 2 weeks then they were cold crashed for a day or two and went straight to the keg 30psi for 3 days then I turn it down to serving pressure and go. Some beers did get better after they had a week or two on them but they were still very drinkable.

Also let me know how it turns out sounds tasty.

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