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2016 brews

Here’s my list of brews to date:

Denny’s BVIP 1/2
Lakefront Fixed Gear clone 2/21
Woot Stout 3/6
Vandal Eyes IPA 3/13
Zombie Dirt (split double batch with brew bud) 4/2
Grapefruit Pulpin’ 4/10
Off the Topper 5/15
Plinian Legacy 5/21
Waldo Lake Amber 6/5
Kiwi Express 6/19
Northy 12 7/10
Denny’s Wry Smile 8/7
Lakefront Fixed Gear clone 8/14
Black IPA 8/28
Smashing Pumpkin 9/11 (I’m a terrible father for brewing on my daughter’s bday :wink:)
Megalodon Imperial Red 9/25
Denny’s BVIP 10/2
Big Honkin’ Stout 10/29
Hope and King Scotch Ale 11/5

Hoping to get one more in this year to get to an even 20. I’d do more but I currently have 25 gallons in process and will sadly have a hard time getting through that by end of year. :joy:

What’s everyone else been up to this year? :innocent:


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Here we go:
Valentine’s Irish Red 2/13, 5G
Moose Maple Slobber 2/27, 5G
Spring Snowstorm Porter 3/21, 5G
RyeCentennial Pale Ale 4/9, 5G
Maine Moon/Apricot Moon, 4/23, 5G
Blueberry Moon/Raspberry Moon, 4/23, 5G (that was a long day)
Jamaica mon Ginger Beer, 4/30, 5G
Clarence Stout, 5/14,5G
German Pilsner Wannabe 5/21, 5G
Penobscot BlueRibbon, 6/11, 5G
Dandelion wine,6/19,1G
Peach wine,7/15, 1G
Barrel Fill 2.0(RIS), 9/3, 6G
Maine Moon/Apricot Moon/Grapefruit Moon, 9/5, 7G
Cider, 9/23, 1G
Gunslinger Cranberry Graf, 9/24, 5G
Redrum, a murderous Rye Ale, 9/24, 5G (another long day)
October Kolsch, 10/8, 5G
Jim’s Altbier, 10/22, 5G
Still have to do before 12/31: Ben’s DoubleAlt as soon as I get a weekend I’m not camping with the Scouts, or busy with family. Then I have ingredients arriving from NB for a Vienna lager and a Marzen. I’ll finish up, probably 12/31, with a Bock.
I bottle, so have no problem with storing lots of varieties, and give a lot away around Christmas.:innocent:

Hefeweizen, 1/2, 5G
Blonde Ale, 1/26, 5G
Blonde Ale, 2/15, 5G
SNPA Clone, 3/14, 5G (joint brew session)
Pale Ale, 4/3, 5G
Cider, 6/3 3G
Kolsch, 6/26, 5G
India Red Rye Ale, 7/20, 5G
Pumpkin Spice Porter, 9/5, 5G
Nut Brown Ale, 10/16, 5G

I have a couple on deck. Pale Ale and an Irish Red. I might hold off on the Irish Red so it closer to March however my wife and I are expecting 2 bundles of joy then so I might brew it sooner.

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Congrats to you sir! :innocent: My youngest daughter was born January 19 so I doubled up late December and early January to make sure I had some in the pipeline as I knew there would be a significant life disruption for a while. I can’t even imagine two at once :joy:

Jim, I see several varieties of moon in your list. Out of curiousity what style is it?


All 5 gallon recipies
Petite Saison 1/2
Dead Ringer 1/10
Dead Ringer 1/24
American Amber Ale 2/9
Dead Ringer 2/24
Caribou Slobber 3/9
American Amber Ale 3/24
Dead Ringer 4/6
Petite Saison 5/13
Petite Saison 6/18
American Amber Ale 6/22
Amber Pale Ale 8/10
Dead Ringer 9/6
Chinook IPA 10/7

Getting ready:
Dead Ringer
Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter
Oatmeal Stout
Speckled Heifer

5 Gallon Extracts

Caribou Slobber 02/09
La Petite Orange 02/27
Kama Citra 03/20
Honey Brown Ale 04/11
Dead Ringer 06/06
Witbier 09/24
Chocolate Milk Stout 10/08
SMASH 10/15
Cream Ale 10/25

On deck is Caribou Slobber and a Honey Weizen hopefully within the next couple weeks.

3g BIAB:

1/10 - guinness clone
1/12 - dubbel
2/7 - simcoe/mosaic/galaxy ipa
2/21 - dubbel v2
3/5 - guiness clone v2
3/8 - galaxy ipa
3/12 - danny’s oktoberfest
3/25 - jarrylo saison
3/28 - tripel
4/18 - jarrylo/mosaic ipa
4/24 - maibock
5/1 - dubbel v3 and v4
5/7 - galaxy/azacca saison
5/30 - galaxy/azacca ipa
6/12 - belgian dark strong
6/26 - galaxy/nelson sauvin ipa
7/24 - oktoberfest
8/7 - galaxy ipa v2
8/20 - belgian single
9/4 - my own ofest
9/10 - galaxy/nelson/citra ipa
9/17 - galaxy/nelson/citra ipa v2
9/25 - russian imperial stout
10/11 - belgian golden strong
10/23 - idaho7 ipa
11/6 - english ipa

that really looks like a lot once it’s all typed out…wow.

1/6/16 Doppel Bock
2/10/16 Vienna Lager
2/21/16 Marzen for Ofest
3/23/16 Bohemian Pilsner
4/1/16 Porter w/ late molasses addition
4/6/16 Czech Pilsner
4/20/16 420cent IPA - All Cent. IPA
5/4/16 Vienna Lager
6/6/16 FW Union Jack IPA Clone
8/24/16 Sunny Jack IPA - union jack similar IPA named after our cat Sunny who had to be put down that afternooon.
9/4/16 420cent IPA
10/22/16 Czech Pilsner
11/9/16 Schwarzbier (planned)

Brewed less often this year because I brewed all 10 gal batches. Took off most of June, July and August because it was just too damn hot to brew outside.

Started with the Blue Moon clone by Nilo & Wayne on the HBT forum. I’ve changed it up a little by adding 1 lb. Vienna malt. Otherwise I keep it true to the original- lightly hopped with Hallertau, US-05, and I keep it clear, unlike the current fad of cloudy wheat beers. It is a big hit with my female family& friends, and lends itself well to adding fruit.

Sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my brewery cat in September. You couldn’t leave a glass of beer around her unattended. She loved porters. You gave me the idea to brew one up for her.

Yes, sad to lose such a great friend, er pet. Thats my where user name comes from, sneezles, our cat. 16 years old, and her favorite thing to do, go patrolling the yard when I git home from work… She won’t drink any brew though… maybe lucky that way… Sneezles61

Sunny was 14. Pretty old for a farm cat. He was quite the badazz. Over his 14 years he accumulated well over 400 stitches from run ins with other foxes and other animals. He would disappear for days at a time when he was younger. When he was about 8 he dragged himself to the back door one morning looking like he was a goner but 212 stitches, about 40 of which were for punctures, some antibiotics and he was good to go. Something bigger than a fox had apparently tried to skin and eat him. After that his nickname was Frankencat.


We’ve got some bobcats in the hood here, and peeps have been losing their cats AND dogs. We keep a close eye on ours friend… Sneelze61

yea we have those too, and coyotes, and a black bear or two…boy this thread didn’t drift far did it…haha sorry guys…now back to your regularly scheduled 2016 brew list!

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Speaking of cats, did you know you can inoculate a sour beer by dipping a cat into the cooled wort?

Carry on…

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All 10s unless noted
1/3 doppelbock
1/28 Irish red
2/28 Brew Cat IPA
3/12 I’ll be Bock/ maibock
3/26 Brew Cat pale
3/26 weissbier (5gal)
4/16 Time of the Saison
5/22 Ofest
5/22 BrewCat IPA
6/26 Make My Day IPA( citra NEIPA)
7/16 summer wit
7/31 Brew Cat Pale ( session)
8/14 IPA (session)
8/28 Make My Day IPA
9/25 cranapple cider (5gal)
9/26 pino grigio (5gal)
10/19 Harvest Ale ( home grown hops)
10/25 cranberry grape cider (5gal)
11/3 pear Mead (1gal)
Probably get a couple more brew days in before the first also a mango cider another Mead and some schnapps.
It looks terrible all written out

Kitty tale sour ale:grin:

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