2015 Brews

So what’s everyone been brewing this year? Here is my completed list for 2015, was a great year for brewing! :beers:

1/24/15 Cascade Mountains West Coast Imperial IPA
2/14/15 North Coast Red IPA
3/1/15 Dead Ringer
3/14/15 Imperial Stout (Last extract kit before officially swapped to AG, enjoy it so much I’ll never go back!)
3/28/15 Waldo Lake Amber
4/25/15 Off the Topper
5/9/15 The Plinian Legacy
5/25/15 Lakefront Fixed Gear
6/7/15 Surly Furious Clone from Craft Beer for the Home Brewer
7/12/15 Kiwi Express
8/9/15 West Coast Radical Red
8/30/15 Black IPA
9/13/15 Smashing Pumpkin
10/4/15 Megalodon Imperial Red
11/21/15 Wookey Jack Clone (first 10 gal batch attempt split batch with a bud for a dual brew day)
12/6/15 Lakefront Bridge Burner
12/20/15 Nugget Nectar Clone from Craft Beer for the Home Brewer
12/27-30/15 Denny’s BVIP

The last two are up in the air depending on scheduling but hopefully I’ll be able to pull it all off! Sometime in January or February I will be brewing up Wootstout for next Christmas but I may have to break down and bottle that one, having a 13% beer on tap seems a bit dangerous :smiling_imp: . Also, with number 4 due to arrive mid-January, my brewing time will be curtailed slightly for at least the first month or so until we get our new lives figured out. :blush:


Nice list. Do you ever brew the same beer twice. I’ll compile my list and post it

1-11-15 Hersbrucker Vienna Lager 5 gal
1-14-15 Irish Ale II 5 gal
1-19-15 Irish Dry Stout 5 gal – still on tap
2-4-15 Oktoberfest/Marzen
2-11-5 Munich Dunkel 10 gals
3-4-15 Vienna Lager 10 gal
4-3-15 C-squared IPA 10 gals
5-24-15 Czech Pils 5 gal
6-10-15 Wingnut IPA 10 gals
7-8-15 Hersbrucker Vienna Lager 10 gals
8-19-15 Lemon Cascade Pale Ale 5 gals
8-26-15 Bohemian Pils 10 gals - Just kicked last night…bummerrrrr :weary:
9-20-15 Munich Dunkel 10 gals - drinking first of 2 kegs now, Rebuilt’s recipe yummm
10-17-15 Vienna Lager 10 gals - drinking first keg -Mattnaik’s grist bill & one hop addition - hallertau at 60 mins.
11-18-15 Irish Ale III 5 gals – still chasing a Smithwyck’s ale clone…
12-9-15 Undetermined IPA 10 gals – Starting fermenting right now
12-16-15 Doppelbock 5 gals
12-27-15 Brewing something since both my sons will be home for the holidays.

Started out strong with 3brew days in January. Was kind of surprised to see it was only one per month after that. Plan to close out strong in December…we’ll see…

Still haven’t figured out how to do quotes yet, let’s try this!

This year I didn’t do any repeat brews, but of the brews on this list, 7 of them were also brewed last year extract and every single one turned out better AG. I also brewed the Nugget Nectar clone extract last year so I wanted to see what the difference would be, plus it was amazing last year and worth brewing again. :innocent:

I am getting more seasonal in my brewing, untappd badge nerd hunting has really increased my beer style diversity as far as what I enjoy and want to try my hand at brewing. I try to stay far enough ahead on my brewing that I never run both kegs in the kegerator dry for more than 1 week of carbonation for a new one.


5 gal. Rum ball Porter
5 gal . Smokey maple Porter
5 gal. Brew cat IPA
5 gal. Maibock
5 gal. German pils
5 gal. Rye IPA
5 gal. Octoberfest/marzen
5 gal. Hoppy lager
5 gal. Time of the saison
5 gal. Brew Cat pale
5 gal. Brew Cat IPA
3 gal. Pale n/a
5 gal. Patsbier
5 gal. Brew Cat Pilsner
5 gal. Summer ale
5 gal. American Wit
5 gal. Session IPA
5 gal. Rye IPA w/ ginger
3 gal. Dry cider
5 gal. Hoppy lager
5 gal. Brew cat pale
5 gal. Harvest ale
Traveling no brews
3 gal. Graff
3 gal. Framing hammer Baltic Porter ( Jacks Abbey recipe/ clone)
10 gal. Abbey ale
2.5 gal. Apple/peach cider
10 gal. Brew Cat IPA
Planning 5 gal. Rum Ball Porter
Planning 10 gal. Bock

All above recipes are my own except the Jacks Abbey

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Oh, I see. Who knew

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Less brewing this year than usual, but here’s my list:


Boston Lager

Light Oat Beer
Golden Ale
Chocolate Stout

Light Oat Beer
Fruit Lambic

Raspberry Wheat
Smoked Rye

Jun, Jul, Aug - Nothing

English IPA

Oct, Nov - Nothing

American Pale Ale
Malty Amber Ale

Hopefully I’ll have time for one more brew day in December. And in case anyone is wondering, I’ve brewed about half of these beers before, which is pretty much on par for me. I tend to rebrew beers that come out particularly good, but like to shake things up with experiments.

So see you brewed the light oat beer back to back, must be a favorite. What is it?

2015 Brews
all 5 gal batches

2 kit ciders 1 plain and 1 with demarara sugar

Town hall 1800 Historic IPA
Scottish Export 90

Winter Warmer
Dirty Wheat IPA

Vienna Lager

California Common

Pumpkin Ale
Pale Mild


Robust Porter

Fusion IPA

lighter year than most, may try to squeeze in one more 1/2 bbl brewday.

Hopstand IPA (½ bbl)
Cider II
Robust Porter (½ bbl)
Hopstand Conan IPA
Brett Saison
Flanders II
Citra APA (½ bbl)
Cedar Citra APA
German pils
Starter steam
Doppelbock (1/2 bbl)
Brett L/WLP 565 brown

It was an experiment that didn’t turn out right on the first try, so I made changes and tried again. Basically a 100% oat malt beer, which came out surprisingly similar to a light lager. Too light; extraction efficiency was much lower than I was expecting. Second try still wasn’t where I wanted it. Maybe I’ll get back to it sometime next year.

Here’s my list:

Saison w/ wild yeast
Berliner Weisse
Sour peach saison w/ wild yeast
Citra/brett pale
Centennial IIPA
2-hearted clone
Flanders red
Rye saison
Rye brett saison
Golden sour
Hibiscus gose
Spontaneous lambic-style
Pumpkin porter (in a pumpkin)
Spontaneous golden sour
Flanders red #2
All-brett cider
All-brett New Zealand IPA
Historic IPA (TBD - hopefully next couple of weeks)

Here’s my list:
2/28 Irish Red
3/21 Loghouse Honey Porter
5/23 2.5G Memorial Moon, 2.5G Blueberry Moon
5/25 Memorial Slobber
6/13 RyeCentennial Pale Ale
9/7 Labor Day Alt
10/3 Ben’s DoubleAlt
10/24 Gunslinger Cranberry Graf
11/21 Sammy Lager
12/5 Vienna Lager
Planning on finishing up my lager series with a Decemberfest and maybe a Bock before the end of December, and I have the Waldo Lake Amber AG kit to do either 12/31 or maybe 1/1.

January: Munich Helles
February: Schwarzbier
March: Kolsch
April: Dead Ringer IPA
May: Belgian Wit
June: Key Lime Wit
July: California Common
August: Oktoberfest
September: Irish Red
October: Citra Brown #1
November: Citra Brown #2
December: Rye IPA with Citra, Amarillo, Mosiac
December (Christmas Break) Vanilla Robust Porter