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2015 brewing kit found

I just found a NB 2015 brewing kit
SMASH American Session Ale
I think what happened was that i used the yeast for another beer and since then it got storaged.
It was in a closet in the box, never refrigerated
It went thru 5 five cold winters and 5 hot summers
Corn sugar for priming its not necessarily rock hard, but sugar has hardened.
Hops… 3 oz of Simcoe… well the hop packages seem fine, i want to use them, but i know theyre not good
Maillard malts 6.0 lbs of pilsen malt extract syrup looks fine, this i want to use, doesnt looks bad at all, i think it was bottled with a vacuum system because It looks good as new
What do you think?
Should i use the malt extract syrup?

Welcome to NB’s forum… Many great Brewers here!
If it was my hands… I’d brew and compare notes to what a fresh kit would do… Research targeted potentials for sugars in malt, not sure how to compare hops…

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The only thing you’ll be out is time, and some additional yeast.
Extract darkens over time. Obviously this is true if that is Pilsen malt extract as it looks pretty dark!

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A couple years back I made a beer from ingredients my dad in his freezer since 1989. It made beer and I drank it all. It wasn’t good however.

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Thank you, yeah it sounds good for an experiment

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Yes, it does looks pretty dark, can’t remember Its original color

I think i’ll use the darkened pilsen malt extract as a tasting exercise, whatever the result is i’ll share it

Might want to also replace the hops.

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