2000ml erlenmeyer flask stopper

What size do I need?

I just use the foam stoppers our host has. Either size will work, but the larger one fits a little better.

I would use a sanitized piece of foil.
If you feel that you absolutely need a stopper, I believe they take a #10 or a 50mm foam stopper.

[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]I would use a sanitized piece of foil.

This is the way most labs go.

+1 on foil. The idea of the stir plate is to allow continuous aeration/oxygenation of the starter wort to grow the maximum number of cells. air needs to get in. You just don’t want other stuff getting in.

Thanks guys. I guess I go the foil route.

When you make a starter, you want oxygen to be able to get in, so airlocks are not recommended. I use a baggy.

I’ve got the foam stopper, but have used foil in the past. Either way, sanitize each and rock it!

For the record, if I use foam stoppers, I autoclave them.