20 min kolsch...?

So I decided to grab one or the 20 min KOLSH extract kits, Ithis is only my third brew. Both other brews started fermentation (active) within 12 hrs. This one is at almost 24hrs. Only the slightest bubble here and there. I do realize this is a different yeast and meant to be fermented colder than my other brews… But, just curious… Expeditious KOLSH. Safale us-05 pitched @ 60* currently up to 64* and holding… Any ideas?

try to make a yeast starter next time fermenting will start quick how cold is your brewing area cold be to cold to get the yeast going . but only way to find out if fermenting has begun see if their is krousen going on and take a grav reading with your hydrometer good luck

+1 to taking a hydrometer reading to know for sure. Can’t hang your hat on anything else fer sure. How’s it doing now, are you 2 days in? Best thing for yeast post-pitch is a consistent fermentation temperature, a closet w/o vents, dark corner, etc. Swinging temps can be a bummer for the yeast at this point.

So @ close to 48 hrs in the fermenter finally got a good fermentation going. Looks really good. Is currently up to 66* and will be holding it there. Is @ 72 hrs since pitched now. Have it in my swamp cooler in a cabinet inside my house… Thank god the wife likes the smell of fermenting beer!!

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