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2 weeks into my first lager

Did my first oktoberfest 2 weeks ago. I did a 1L yeast starter with wyeast 2124, decant the wort, and then proceeded to do another starter on top of that (I guess that is what a ‘set-up starter’ is? I’m not really sure.)

Anyway, 2 weeks later around 50-53 degrees F, I’m at 1.020 and proceeded to start my diacetly rest (around 67 degrees F). Am I doing this right? Will my gravity go down at all or, is that going to be my FG? Not sure what to expect. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :smile: Thanks to everyone so far who has helped me!

I would simply take it out of yer cold environment and let it rise in temp. You should see some activity in yer air locker, just watch and when it slows again, take a reading, and recheck a few days later, and taste what you have. Once yer reading is stabilized, its time to put into yer secondary… Sneezles61

I was going to bottle after the reading stabilizes and lager in the bottle. I can only lager in my crawl space which only gives me around 48-52 degrees. Hope this works lol.

Get one of those dorm room fridges for down there to lager your bottles.

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