2 weeks, force carb, drink ? Thoughts?

OK, first let me say YES I am in a hurry for the beer! I do know letting it age and ferment properly would make a better beer, but as said I am in a hurry.

So looking at some kits I see 4 weeks time listed. Reading directions for those kits it says primary fermentation will be done in 1-2 weeks. The other 2 weeks is said to be to condition in the bottles after priming.

So, if I keg 5 gal and let it ferment till bubbles stop it’s done in 1-2 weeks, then force carb fast, no reason to wait the other 2 weeks right? So though not the best I should have something better than the store bought in about 9-16 days?

I have not been able to brew anything for along time do to travels and when home the work I have to get done, just no time. Now I’ll have some time soon and I want something better to drink than this store bought stuff I been buying! Also comparing prices I will save $10 or more for each 5gal brewed compared to store bought!

I plan to brew up about 40-50gals while I have time, let most age well as should be done, but first 5gal start drinking soon!

Are you letting your beer ferment in the keg? I wouldn’t do that. Let it ferment in a bucket or glass carboy and finish out. You don’t have to do a secondary rack. If you want it the quickest way I would probably ferment 2 weeks(bucket or carboy), cold crash at 35 degrees for 3 days, transfer to keg and force carb at 30 psi for two days then drop to 12 psi for a day. If you are not able to cold crash, I would leave the batch in the fermenter for 3 weeks then transfer to keg and force carb. These are all minimal times but you should be ok.

Although I don’t suggest rushing it, stick to lower OG beer (wheat, blonde, pales). These ferment quick and are usually young drinkers.

I also would not ferment in the keg. For one thing unless you are doing less than a 5 gallon kit the keg will not be large enough to ferment in. Secondly you will have a lot of trub in the bottom you do not want in your finished beer. Ferment a the vessel of your choice, preferably larger than 5 gallon then rack to the keg and leave the junk behind.

Also get a hydrometer to measure the gravity rather than rely on watching the air lock. Fermentation may slow enough to look like it has stopped but taking a hydrometer reading for three and getting the same reading insures it is done.

I agree also with a lighter style if you are hurrying. Some wheat beers have explosive fermentation depending on the yeast and will be done faster. Big beers longer.