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2 week fermentation

Doing a beersmith recipe. Calls for 4 days in primary. Then 10 days secondary. It had no activity for 6 days and is now going to town. I’m thinking about leaving it in the primary until it’s done. Should I leave it or move it?

Definitely leave it until it’s done. I ignore the time recommendations, as there are far too many variables to know how long it will take to finish fermenting. I usually leave it in primary for at least two weeks, but a gravity measurement is the only reliable way to know if it’s done.

Don’t do secondary at all. Leave it in primary until it’s finished fermenting, no matter how long that takes. Typically will finish in a week or two, but let the YEAST tell you when the YEAST is done fermenting, NOT a recipe.

what yeast are you using?

I second the above, don’t rack it to another vessel, just put it somewhere that will stay between 70-74 and it will finish up.

All the above^^^^^ I leave my brews in primary until they’re finished fermenting and until I’m ready to cold condition/keg/bottle.

Agree with above. I don’t even secondary to dry hop anymore. Just drop em in the primary or lately the keg.

No signs of fermentation for 6 days would concern me but secondary will gain you nothing except another chance for contamination.

What do you do if you are adding adjuncts such as peppers/spices that require a secondary? Still wait for that yeast to settle down?.

Sorry dannyboy58, I didn’t see your post be I posted. I’ll give it a try. Tyvm.

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