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2 smack packs for Petit Orange recipe

I have 2 wyeast packs of 1214 Belgian Abbey yeast for the Petit orange recipe. Is it advisable to use both packs in lieu of doing a starter or is it even necessary? I’ve never brewed with a starter or more than 1 yeast pack before so I just ant to make sure I know what I’m in for.

Not sure of the gravity of that beer, but you could probably do either both packs or a starter and be fine.

According to the recipe, the O.G. is 1.052

I think you could do either one, a small starter or pitch both packs. If it were me and I had time, I would save one pack and make a small starter for the batch you plan to brew. But I also harvest yeast, so saving packs does not offer a lot of value

Ok, my intent was to use both packs when I brewed but one of the packs is actually 6 months old and moving slowly. The newer pack inflated just fine and I went ahead and pitched that one.

Since the other pack is older, is it worth it to see if it gets going in the next day or so and then pitch it? Since it is older and apparently weaker than the pack I started with, I don’t know that it would be worth it to try and use it if it is inflated enough today.

Add the 2nd pack now. They will do their thing.


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