2 Row versus 6 Row for Pumpkin Ale

Hello All!

This is my first post.

I’m going to brew a pumpkin ale. Although I’m adding pumpkin to the mash and fermentables could probably be converted from the pumkin meat, I’m really just trying to get flavor from the pumpkin. Does anyone have any input on the choice between using 2 row as compared to 6 row for the base malt? I’m most interested in the effect on flavor and body.

Any information would be appreciated.


Except fir a couple styles, mainly CAP, I always prefer the flavor of 2 row over 6 row. It’s subtle, but 6 row usually seems to have a bit “grainier” flavor.

I added 2 lbs of 6 row to my pumpkin recipe. I also added graham cracker extract to it.
I think it turned out great.

The 6 will contribute addition husk material, which would be good for mashing cooked pumpkin meat, to help prevent a slow/stuck mash.

The 6 will provide additional DP (Diastatic Power) to help convert those other adjuncts to fermentable.

Breiss advises that the commonly held though that 6 row is “grainier” tasting is a misconception.

I think your pumpkin ale is the ideal opportunity to use the 6-row.

Good luck! :smiley:

The 6-row will contribute more enzyme for the conversion of adjuncts, but if your mash is 50% barley anyway I doubt you’ll see much benefit on the homebrew scale.

These days the DP of 6 row and 2 row is so close that it isn’t much of a consideration.