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2 questions

(1) I had three cheap faucets given to me. I think they are brass / chrome jobs. I need a 4th— what are your reccomendations? I don’t want to buy a perlick just because it’s a perlick.

(2) Buy shanks with built in nipples or buy the separate pieces?

Building a keezer and want it done the right way the first time!

Honestly, I would go with a stainless Perlick. I bet you will like it so much better than your other faucets that you will end up replacing all of them.

I too would go with forward sealing ss Perlick or the Ventmatics which have become available again. The shank with the removable tailpiece is nice but it really doesn’t matter. Just get ss on both the shank and the faucets.

My question is why are you against Perlicks? I did the my build twice because I bought garbage the first time around. If you enjoy cleaning stuck faucets on a daily basis buy the cheapys. You want it done right the first time, get the stainless Perlicks.

If you can’t tell from the responses above, people don’t buy Perlick faucets because of the brand name. We buy them because they are are superior to most other faucets and you will never need to replace them (assuming you buy stainless).

Here are a couple alternative places for buying components:

I’ve spent quite a bit of money with both vendors and have been happy. Of course NB is a great vendor as well, but they tend to be more expensive for kegging components.

Perlick is one of my customers (for glass washer pumps). I remember one of the engineers there telling me not to buy Perlick faucets for a while until they get their leak problem fixed. That was more than a year ago so I think they are fixed. Also, I remember Ventmatic having a small seal issue a couple months back. Just something to think about if you see someone selling either of the two forward sealing faucets for cheap.

Wow. I think you totally misinterpreted my post! I wasn’t knocking perlicks buddy! I was simply making the point that I was given three free non perlick faucets and wanted to know if I should start with those or go out and buy perlicks off the bat. Research indicates that they are a superior faucet. I didn’t know if it was a waste of time to start with the inferior product.

I bought 4 Perlick 525S (Stainless, forward-sealing) faucets when I built my setup, and they’ve performed flawlessly for years. I love them. Also, I really didn’t think they were that expensive. I swear I got mine for about $30. It’s a one-time purchase, if you do it right.

I ended up buying 2 perlicks with shanks and attached nipples for $50 a piece from amazon. With free prime shipping you can’t beat it. Both perlicks are SS.

[quote=“holaday1185”]I ended up buying 2 perlicks with shanks and attached nipples for $50 a piece from amazon. With free prime shipping you can’t beat it. Both perlicks are SS.[/quote]Agreed, that’s a great price if it includes SS shanks too.

Looks like the shank is chrome plated. ... lick+525ss

525SS + Stainless shank, gasket and tailpiece available for $51.98 (Amazon price is $51.95) plus shipping at All stainless, so this is a better deal IMO.

As pointed out, the shanks were chrome plated, which doesn’t bother me. I’ve checked up on the degradation of chrome plated brass, and for a shank, it’s not a big deal IMO.

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