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2 IWCs, what to do with the 2nd

When I chill my wort I hook my 25’ copper IWC to a hose and drop the temp than recirculate with a sump pump in a tub of ice water. I’ve gained a second 25’ copper IWC and have no idea what to do with it. How best can I utilize this new addition? Any helpful tips are very appreciated.

You could put a “T” on the end of the hose and run both ICs at once time.

I have on occasion when brewing with a friend connected the outlet of one wort chiller to the inlet on another and submerged the first in ice water or snow (in the winter) to get the water really cold before going into the one in the wort. It did help cut down the chilling time a bit.

if one will fit inside the other you could connect the two of them together then you have a 50ft IC. Or as already described put one in ice water and then to the one in the wort. It should chill the wort a lot faster. I built one last week and could only get 20’ I think I am going to get 20’ more.


I run 2 at the same time. One fits right inside the other.

Good Luck

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