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2 gallon brew kits

Went out sat to buy some jd. At the local booze store. Did see these plastic 2 gall beerkits. Do it your self brew kits. Lager beers and imprial ale .now did read the intruction on the box. A toss in and forget beer. But weird. The yeast the use. A dry yeast. Sort of us5. But for lagers. And ale it says. No cooling necercry. Weird i did think

I bought a cheap 1 gallon all grain kit once. I threw out the yeast and the instructions. Just used the grain and hops and brewed like I normally do and the beer came out fine.

A Mr Beer kit, perhaps?

I actually got one for Christmas last year. It’s the brand homebrewers love to hate. They’re known for being given to people as gifts, put in closets and forgotten about until the yeast is way past viability. I personally know several people who lost interest in home brewing after crappy Mr Beer results.

I made my kit when it was still fresh, and I used proper temperature control. Mine actually turned out pretty good. Don’t believe the no cooling necessary line, it’s BS.

I would suspect knowing what I know today, I could get much better results than when I tried one many years ago,without a clue. Sneezles61

Its kind of weird the instructions. Simpel brew plan everything in one can lme hops. Friend of mine got one for his birtday. Did ask him you got priming suggar or tablets. Nothing. Came with his. So gave him some priming suggar. And plastic bottles it does come with. Once ready. Do try some. But what is weird no instructions about keeping it cool. Especially here on island

Its probably designed for christmas time, first time brew, dip yer toes in the water, type of kit. Just to see ifn someone may want to take the next step. Sneezles61

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