2 Fizz drops in a 12 ounce bottle?

My friend and I brewed the White House Honey Ale & Porter 1 Gallon kits and exchanged bottles. He told me he accidentally put 2 fizz drops into a couple of bottles so I went and checked and found 3 bottles with 2 fizz drops each. Unfortunately they were 90% dissolved so there was no point in trying to remove them at this point.

The instruction says 1 drop per 12-16 ounce bottle so I’m kind of worried about bottle bombs. I’m currently keeping them in a 5 gallon bucket with the lid on incase they blow.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do to save these bottles? Can I open them after a couple of days to release some of the co2 and recap and pray there’s still enough sugar in them to carb correctly?

You could try that, may even be over-carbonated in a couple of days and you’ll have a gusher. If you do nothing, it’s sure to be one. Be careful. Two drops is way over-carbed for a 12 oz bottle.

I recapped the 3 bottles today and there was very little co2 hopefully it was enough lol

If you keep them cooler than usual, the carbonation will be slower. And make sure you chill them real well before opening.