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2. Collect and heat 2.5 gallons of water

In the recipie instructions it states
2. Collect and heat 2.5 gallons of water.

What temperature is this?



For? You’re going to have to provide a little more info here…

I’ve done some digging… read #3. Becareful to not go over 170* or you will get astringency.

my guess is you are at the step for steeping grains for 15-20 min.

what you are doing is taking 2.5 (at least, maybe even 3.0 gal or so if your brew kettle and/or stove can handle it) and warming this to 170 at most. I tend to aim for 160-165 range. then pour grains into muslin bag thing and put into water. try to keep it at about that same 160-165 range for whatever time it says. in my case I usually get it to about 165, then turn stove to low and watch it, and turn heat back up if it creeps to about 160-161.

when that 20 min is up, take grain sack out, toss away, and then heat liquid to boiling and proceed.

Just remember the most important thing is to keep it fun.

People brewed and drank beer for THOUSANDS of years before inventing thermometers or knowing that yeast even existed.

Have fun with the brew, follow the directions without worrying too much, and you’re pretty much guaranteed good results.

When you do second and third batches you’ll be able to improve your technique while still having fun. If you try to be perfect out of the gate, you’ll just stress-out and still make mistakes. It’s also great in the beginning to see how each batch gets better as you get more experience.

Thanks all.
I think fullhousebrew is bang on and after re-reading part 3, it now makws sense.

2. Collect and heat 2.5 gallons of water.
3. For mail-order customers grains for extract kits come
crushed by default, but if you requested uncrushed
grains, crush them now. Pour crushed grain into
supplied mesh bag and tie the open end in a kno t. Steep
for 20 minutes or until water reaches 170°F. Remove
bag and discard.


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