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2.5" or 6" Thermometer for Mash Tun

I’m looking to put in a weldless thermometer in my mash tun. I see them in 2.5" and 6" probes. I was set on the 6" but read a few places that with it being that far into the mash, though that may give a good temperature at the center, there is also a risk of it getting dinged up over time as you stir. With the 2.5", yes it is closer to the edge, but also less likely to get dinged up.

Any opinions?

What kind of mash tun? Cooler? Keggle?

Actually, it will start in a 10 gal round cooler, but I will plan to get it moved over to a converted keg(mash tun) at some point. So looking for some longer term flexibility.

I have the 2 1/2 in my MT & BK (kegs). 6" in my HLT.

Thinking about it overnight, my only concern for the shorter one is that some of the length will get eaten up on the thicking walls of the cooler (vs the not insulated walls of a keg).

I have a weldless Thermometer probed into my HLT. I can push and pull that thermometer in and out with no leaking. As long as the probe remains in full contact with the O ring it does not leak.

Set it up and try it before purchasing a thermometer and you should be fine. Anyways, unless you plan on spending an arm and a leg for one it is always good to have a number of thermometers around anyway. Buy a range of them and test them out.

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