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2.5 gallon keg and co2 cartridges

Just purchased a 2.5 gallon rubber topped keg from Grand Ave and did not purchase a Soda Keg CO2 Charger, plan to use my 5 lb. tank.

Any comments on this charger and number of 16 g disposable cartridges it would take to dispense a 2.5 keg?

Would appreciate comments.

Blue Ox Brewers

I think you would be a lot happier using a paintball tank setup instead of the 16g cartridges. I use a painball tank on my portable setup and love it.

I went this route with my portable setup using a standard 5Lb CO2 tank and regulator.

I no longer use the cartridges any more since I’ve gotten a kegerator but I have always needed 3 cartridges to finish the keg. 2 was close and only a little of the third had to be used but I could never keep it to just 2 cartridges.

The cartridges are a PIA and I only use in a crisis

Thank you for the ideas, as the 2.5 gets used first time this weekend will use the 5 lb. I have and
pick up needed paint bag tank and fitting.
Cheers, Marc
Brewing an all.grain vanilla bourbon porter on Wednesday, club recipe. Has been a winner.

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