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2.5 gal batch questions

Im going to do a 1/2 batch and was wondering how much wort volume i should begin with? like extract i assume i can always add to the carboy to get my desired vol but id rather hit it right away.

also is the fermentation time still 2 weeks or so in primary or does that time decrease with the smaller batch size?


You will probably still boil off the same amount per hour so shoot for a preboil that will give you your final volume. For instance, if you boil off about 1gal/hour you would start with 3.5gal and finish with 2.5.

Fermentation should still take the same time as well, although if you are pitching more yeast (a whole pack) it might finish a little sooner.

+1. Volume depends on boil time. If boiling for an hour, start with about 3.5 gallons. If boiling for just 15 minutes, then 2.75 gallons is all you need. Fermentation time will take almost the same amount of time as Lennie mentioned.

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