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1st years

Morning all,

Finally got around to planting some rhizomes this year — 2 cascade and 1 centennial. I have 2 questions.

  1. leaf size - the leaves on the centennial are much large than with both cascades. The cascade leaf size is similar to a quarter for some, or a half dollar for others. Is this normal?

  2. on my centennial plant I have noticed sometimes that the large leaves almost looked wilted, as if they haven’t been receiving enough water. Truth is, they have received plenty of water, as we’ve had a few storms here in Charleston SC lately.

Thanks in advance,


I can give you some information based on personal observation of my 3 1st year cascades. I do not have enough experience to say how much truth is in the following statements.

Leaf size - I have a wide range of leaf sizes on the same bine and on on different bines from the same rhizome. It appears to me that the size of the leaf is proportional to the number of hours of sun the leaf gets. for example, near the bottom of the bine there is shading by neighboring bushes. These leaves are small. Near the top of the trellis where they get sun all day the leaves are huge.

Wilted look - My wife pointed out leaves that looked wilted. All plants are getting plenty of water. Watching the leaves for a couple of days it looks like they were really rolling out into a larger leaf. Not sure if yours are growing or there really is a wilting problem.

That is my $.02

I have 3rd year centennials growing like mad. I’ve noticed that the earlier bines trained have larger leaves than the later, so I’m assuming age has a lot to do with them. It’s the same on the other varieties as well. Leaves at the bottom will start to appear dead as the bine concentrates on hop production near the top.

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