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1st Try at my own recipe

I posted this in extract as well, but wanted to post here in case anyone didnt see.

So my buddy and I have been brewing for a few months now, and I feel adventurous enough to try my own recipe. My idea was to try ingredients from around the world that NB offers. I literally am just picking what I think would go well together based on my limited experience/descriptions on NB. So here it is and please give me some feedback

Malt Extract - 6lb Marris Otter Malt Extract - bring to boil
60 Mins- 2 oz of Austrailian Pirde of Ringwood
45 mins - 1 oz German Magnum
30 mins 1 oz of UK Northdown
20 mins 1LB of Muntons DME Xtra Light
15 Mins- Falcones Flight 1 oz
Flameout - Citra Hops .5oz

Use Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

2 weeks primary
1 week secondary - dry hop .5oz of citra
1 additional week of secondary
bottle with fizz drops.

Any feedback is appreciated. I know a lot of this is just trying things, but interested to hear what anyone thinks.

Gonna call this “Hop Around the World”

looks like it would be drinkable, some of the hops I have not used so can not comment on that but it will be hoppy and bitter.

Looks to me you’re brewing some kind of English IPA, I’m not familiar with some of those hops though.

When starting out with your own recipes you should pick a style you want to make, try to nail that then step out of the box from there. Focusing on your process at this point is what I’d advise rather than attempting to brew The Next Greatest Beer in the World. I was like you when I first started out. I made a lot of “meh” beers and a few good ones but it was hit or miss.

I still step out of the box a few times a year and they’re all drinkable but my best brews are the ones I’ve honed in from a certain style.

All that said, you should brew it, might turn out excellent!

Looks like a fun experiment, but a few things might not contribute like you think they might, particularly with the hops.

Pride of Ringwood is THE classic Australian hop, and it gives a distinct flavor when used late in the boil. At 60 minutes, not so much, in fact you can use pretty much any other moderately harsh bittering hop (like Northern Brewer or Northdown for example) and get the same result. The Magnum is a bit different, in that the bitterness is very smooth, but I’m not sure why you would add any at 45 minutes unless you are using reduced boiling time to moderate the IBUs instead of just reducing the amount and boiling for 60.

I haven’t used Citra yet, but like any high C hop I’d be worried about it becoming too dominant when only paired with low C hops.

Overall though, I’d agree it should be a fine beer.

Thanks for all of your feedback. Based on it and some others, I may aim to switch around the hop schedule. Really just want to experiment and see what that gets me.

Will post updates as it comes along.

I would do some research about hop timing. What times and amounts to get the bitterness/flavors/aromas you want. I would personally use magnum first at 60 and I rarely add anything else before 20 minutes left in the boil because you are mostly getting bitterness.

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