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1st Try at my own recipe

So my buddy and I have been brewing for a few months now, and I feel adventurous enough to try my own recipe. My idea was to try ingredients from around the world that NB offers. I literally am just picking what I think would go well together based on my limited experience/descriptions on NB. So here it is and please give me some feedback

Malt Extract - 6lb Marris Otter Malt Extract - bring to boil
60 Mins- 2 oz of Austrailian Pirde of Ringwood
45 mins - 1 oz German Magnum
30 mins 1 oz of UK Northdown
20 mins 1LB of Muntons DME Xtra Light
15 Mins- Falcones Flight 1 oz
Flameout - Citra Hops .5oz

Use Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

2 weeks primary
1 week secondary - dry hop .5oz of citra
1 additional week of secondary
bottle with fizz drops.

Any feedback is appreciated. I know a lot of this is just trying things, but interested to hear what anyone thinks.

Gonna call this “Hop Around the World”

Your MO extract is fine. But what do you want to get out of your hop schedule? Do you have a brewing program? Just off the top of my head it looks like you will have a really bitter beer. Both Pride and Magnum are bittering hops and you have a LOT IMO. Plus 45 and 30 min additions are basically worthless for any flavor addition. And I would say 20 min additions don’t provide much either. I would change the hop schedule to a single bittering charge like magnum as it provides a better bang for the buck with a high AA. Then I would work the hops in the last 10 minutes if the boil.
Some things you might want to read up on with hops is First Wort Hopping, Hop Bursting, and Hop Stands. When I make a beer I want to be hop forward I will actually start with the last additions and work backwards adjusting for overall bitterness.

Very good advice above.

A good question to ask yourself (and then post here) is “what do I want out of the end product?” A hoppy beer (sub question, what KIND of hops? Citrus/Pine? Noble/Earthy)? A Balanced beer? Some caramel malt? Crisp and light? Estery? Clean fermentation?

If the answer is “all of the above”, then I would try backing down and thinking about what you want. Let us know the type of beer you ultimately want to make and we can hopefully help.

As you get more into brewing, a great read is “Designing Great Beers” by Ray Daniels. He really teaches you step-by-step how to use malts, hops, yeast and water to get what you want.

Thanks for all of your feedback. Based on it and some others, I may aim to switch around the hop schedule. Really just want to experiment and see what that gets me.

Will post updates as it comes along.

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