1st Time washing yeast...How much to use for next batch

This is my 1st yeast washing for a 5 gallon batch @ 1.048. After watching a few videos it went rather well and painless. (thanks to all that have gone before me and shared their experiences)
My question now is how much of the slurry would = the original vial of yeast?
If someone could point me in the right direction would be most welcomed ty.

Next time, save yourself some effort and don’t bother rinsing (not washing unless you use acid) the yeast. There’s really no benefit to it. I’ve done it enough both ways that I now don’t bother. Not to mention it’s just another place you can contaminate your yeast. As to how much to use, check out mrmalty.com

Generally for a standard all I throw a pint. Lager or high gravity I toss in a quart. Like Denny says you can use an online calculator but I’m not worried about over pitching I just don’t want to fall short.

Ty for pointing me in the right direction. Loving this hobby and its people more and more each day.