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1st time lager

Brewed my first lager (World Wide Lager) 2 weeks ago. My original gravity was a hair higher than advertised. It came in at 1.050 as opposed to 1.049. I did a full boil beginning with 6 gallons of water and used a yeast starter. I began fermentation on the lower end of the recommended yeast temps and it bubbled along slowly for about two weeks which brings me to today. I checked FG which registered at 1.017. Again, this is my first lager so i’m not exactly sure what to expect. Is this gravity reading ok? Should I rack into a secondary? Sample tasted clean. Would love some incite. Thanks in advance for this forum is always so helpful.


I do a fair amount of lagers and never consider moving before 3 weeks. I’d wait…it’s worth it.


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