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1st time brewer...should i cold crash?

I brewed my first beer a few weeks ago (American Wheat Extract Kit) and I am planning on bottling this weekend. I’ve read a bit about cold crashing, is this something i should do? For how long? I have a fridge i can place the carboy in and it is at 35 degrees. Should i remove the airlock? Any other tips? Thanks!!

This is totally up to you. Cold crashing will help you have a clearer/cleaner beer but an American Wheat beer normally has a haze or cloudiness to it anyway.

I always cold crash…but thats just me. Get it as cold as you can, without freezing of course, and do not remove the airlock. I would leave it in the fridge at 35 for at least 3 days… a few extra will never hurt. I cold crash mine at least a week but I do a lot of Lagers anyway. :cheers:

Seems a little counter-productive to try and get a clear Wheat beer since it’s supposed to be cloudy but no harm done if that’s what you decide.


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