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1st Time All Grain Brewing

Question: I’m using a 10 gal Rubbermaid cooler with a10 inch false bottom. Using 9.5 lbs of grain and and figure on using 7.5 gal of water for mash in, mash out and fly sparge. I am wondering how much water the grain will absorb and how much will I using the 10 inch false bottom.

Grain will absorb 0.125 gallons per Lb on average.

In your case that would be just shy of 1.2 gallons.

I have the same mash tun, and you can expect to lose about quart of wort to the mash tun dead space.

i was gonna say about a gallon. I use 8 gallons to get 5 1/4 after the boil with 9=10lb of grain.

welcome to the forum by the way.

Thanks for the info on water to grain. Used the info & wound up with 6.75 gals preboil. After boiling the wort 1hr I had 5.4 gals of wort. Next question: I have aboaut 1 inch of cold break in the carboy and fermentation has already started. Will the cold break effect the taste of the beer?

No, and it won’t affect the clarity either.

Next time, carefully measure your strike water volume and grain weight. Then carefully measure your initial run-off. Drain it completly. Then batch sparge in enough additional water to obtain your desired boil volume. This will give you some idea about how much water your grains obsorb, and the dead space in your mash tun. Keep records.

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