1st Post and 3rd Batch!

Greetings all!

After lurking and reading damn near every post I decided to activate an account.

First of all, thanks to everyone for sharing in such a detailed and polite manner. This is an amazing board with an equally amazing attitude of hastening the learning curve!

I’m brewing my third batch today…NB’s Dry Irish Stout. I am going with the standard recipe. My previous brews were the Irish Red and St. Paul Porter. Both were Fantastic!

Couple quick questions…

  1. Any notes or tips on the LME version of the Dry Irish Stout? I will use a primary only. The recipe calls for 3-4 weeks primary/secondary and another 2 weeks bottle conditioning.

  2. Any tips are observations when brewing above 4000 ft? Boiling temp is roughly 204 degrees…is this enough a difference to even matter?

Thanks in advance!

i boil at 209, nothing to worry about or have to change, other than the boil off rate might be a little more depending on the temp.

Welcome to the Forum.

No secondary, no problem. Just leave your beer in the primary for 3-4 weeks with the last week or 2 being your secondary. Many of us here do it this way regardless of what the directions might say with great results.

I second your thoughts on the message boards and the people involved. Very nice and extremely helpful.

I just joined up as well and have probably spent more time on these boards at work the last few days than I have spent actually working.

Happy brewing. :cheers:

Thanks folks…and agreed Geer! Easy to spend hours sifting through the old threads as well as brewing tv.

I endued up brewing the Rye Stout instead. I’ll brew the Irish Dry Stout in a couple weeks.

And thanks for the input on the secondary Wally, I’ll probably stick with a primary to include dry hopping for the near future. Thanks for the altitude info speed.

The rye stout is my hands down favorite stout that I’ve brewed. You won’t be disappointed with it.