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1st kit

My starter kit came w/5gal & 6 gal carboys, We are doing the Am Wheat bee,r dry yeast, Single fermentation. Which size should I use? 5 because its a 5gal batch or 6gal cause the yeast will use space & possibly need a blow off hose…

User your 6 gallon carboy. I doubt you’ll need the blow off hose, just use the bubbler.

I dont think you’ll need a blowoff hose with that beer. That being said, the beer will use that head space for high krausen and for that reason Id recomend the 6 gallon. That way, you can move it to secondary in the 5 gallon one and brew a second batch to put in the 6 gallon one. More beer that way. Cheers!

Since this IS the 1st time I believe we will follow the directions and do a single fermentation, I mentioned a 2nd but was shoot own in flames…Thanks for the guidance I had figured we would use the 6, just needed assurance of proper use of equipment…

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