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1st Infection?

I have been brewing for about 6 years now, so it was just a matter of time I suppose. I believe what I have here is Acetobacter (sp) infection. Maybe those of you with more experience can assist. As you can see by the photos I am kegging as usual. This is a scottish ale that went into secondary about 3 weeks ago. I am assuming it popped its ugly head at that time. So what now, drink fast? Will this get worse or will CO2 and Cold stop it? Any feedback on prior experience will be appreciated. I will also follow up when its carbed and ready for consumption.

I’ve had a similar infection before. It made the beer smell and taste like bananas and turned out to be a wild yeast infection. I’m not sure if that is what is in your beer, but its what happened to mine.

How does one go about getting a wild yeast infection? Do they take over quick? Not finding much info. I thought it was acetobactor.

It very well could be acetobacter. I’ve noticed that in my house, if I leave something out in the open it gets the same stuff growing on the surface each time…just something in my house. I work in microbiology, so I was able to take some from this particular batch in to work with me and take a closer look.

The most important thing here is how the beer tastes.

If its acetobacter, you might taste some souring as the ethanol is converted into acetic acid. Oxygen is need for this conversion, so if you were careful not to introduce oxygen, then you might be ok.

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