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1st cider, do you really need campden tabs?

1st time cider run. i got 5 gal of unpasteurized no preservative cider. also got a Wyeast 1056 cake from a pumpkin ale that i just rinsed last nite. both are in the fridge waiting for a blind date in the next day or two. question is when. i don’t have any campden tabs or similar products. there is a lhbs i can get to if i reaaaaaallllllllyyyyy have to. so, do you really need to use campden tabs, or if you got a big enough starter are you in the clear. i’m sure there’s no really hard answer here, so anecdotal evidence is fine.

Unpasteurized with no preservatives means that it quite likely contains wild yeast. You could ferment it out and then use campden and the critters won’t have time to get going or if you’re kegging you can just carb and keep it cold.

yeah, i will be kegging. so the issue would be post fermentation? interesting. i assumed it would be with both, but if the 1056 can outpunch the other stuff it sounds like i should be good to go so long as it stays cold when done.

I would recommend picking up the campden. That way you know you took care of any wild yeast or nasties that might be present. Plus, campden is handy to have around for most brewers.

When you put the Campden tablets in for the 24 hrs to do their job, is the cider at room temperature in preparation for pitching or refrigerated?

I add mine somewhat close to pitching temp.

+1 to Baratone Brewer

I crushed 5 campden tablets an put them in a 1/4 cup of warm water in a star sansed bowl and stirred them up until they dissolved w/ a star sansed spoon…

I poured half my cider from the cartons (2.5 gallons) into the star sansed carboy - poured the 1/4 cup of warm dissolved campden tablets - and poured in the rest of the cider. Put on a star sansed air lock and filled it w/ vodka…

20 hours later I pulled my vial of White Labs English cider yeast out of the refridgerator and let it sit for 4 hours - shook it up - cracked open the cap seal - dipped it in star sans - pulled off the air lock and poured in the yeast…

Temp was 64 degrees and after three days - nothing - pitched another vial of yeast and put on a carboy heat belt - got it up to 74 degrees and PRESTO! Left the belt on for 24 hours and then took it off. Temp went back down to 64 degrees - but it hasn’t let up fermenting…

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