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1st Brew - NB American Wheat

I brewed my first batch of NB American Wheat extract kit this past Saturday 7/7 and used Safale US 05 dry yeast to pitch. When adding the yeast I poured it through a wet funnel (from the sanitizer) and some of the yeast stuck to the sides. Im worried that since some of the yeast stuck that not enough ended up in the wort. I was wondering if I should add more yeast or if it should be ok? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

It’s ‘possible’ that you didn’t pitch the “optimum” level of east.

But you will be just fine with what made it into to wort.

Get those bottles lined up for filing in 2 weeks. Remember, fill 1 plastic soda bottle so you can feel the CO2 being formed.

I second you will be just fine. That is a great dry yeast, I use it often and never had one problem with it. A real nice neutral flavor and easy to use. Never made a starter or proofed it either.

Thanks for the help! I’ve got the bottles already waiting. These 2 weeks cant go quick enough!

I use a brown A&W bottle to avoid skunking.

I just bottled my first brew which is NB AmericanWheat. 2 weeks does get kind of long! Going to try a lager next. Any suggestions. I’m still pretty wet behind the ears.

Also, my og and fg were off a little. og was 1034(supposed to be 1040) and my fg was 1014. i read that an fg of about half of an og means poor fermentation and an fg 1/4 of og is ideal. Any words of wisdom?

To do a lager, you need to be able to maintain a fermentation temp in the low/mid 50’s for 2-3 weeks, then near freezing for 3-4. Can you do that?

Your low OG was probably due to the partial boil extract not being mixed well with the top off water. Normal. Eventually the sugars would get mixed in and the yeast consume them.

Never heard of the 1/3 or 1/4 rule.

FG will depend on the wort make up and yeast used. Higher levels of LME/DME will likely result in a higher FG. To help lower the FG you can replace some extract with sugar.

In an All Grain batch, depending on the mash temp an the % of crystal malts you can end with a higher FG.

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