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1st Brew. Mold?


This is my first brew, American Wheat kit, and I went to check on carboy after the 1st week and I see this:

I think the stuff on top is just Hop material as I didn’t strain going into the carboy after cooling down. I think the stuff on the bottom is mold as I moved rotated the carboy a bit and the stuff on the bottom just stayed there.

Is it mold? Is this batch ruined? Can it be saved? If it can, what should I do?

No its just coagulated protein from the malt and yeast from the krausen. Thats a perfectly normal looking fermentation. The stuff on the bottom is yeast sitting on top of trub (the hops and protein gunk that makes your wort look like eggdrop soup.) The yeast settles out after the eber is done fermenting.

Mold grows slowly and I’ve never seen as much more than a skim of scum across the top of an already-fermented beer.

When making my first beer I remember seeing what you see in your carboy and thinking to myself “I’m eventually going to drink that?”.

Your beer looks just fine.

RDWHAHB! What you have there is beer! Sitting on top of trub and yeast. The stuff at the top is the krausen/yeast that stuck to the carboy during active fermentation.

You made beer! That other stuff are the byproducts. In about 2-3 weeks, rack the beer off of the byproducts. Bottle it. 2 weeks later drink it. Smile! Then immediately start brewing another beer.


It does look like you flirted with blow over. If you did get krausen in the air lock it should be cleaned out as a number of unwanted things can occure from a dirty/blocked airlock. I have heard of guys scrapeing krausen and other beer gook off the ceiling after an overpressurization.

Otherwise you look good. Grab a (well I would say a home brew but this is your first so…) craft brew and relax.


I don’t miss freaking over little thing.

But I sure do remember doing so.

Man, I love flirting with blowover. I do not, however, enjoy actually having to take blowover out on a date. Always ends up with me cleaning the floor.

Thanks for the quick responses. I will be bottling in about a week, but starting a second brew as soon as I get a hold of some bottles. It will probably be a quick root beer or ginger ale for those in my family and friends that don’t drink.

I did blow over but I had a cap with hose going into a bucket with water in it to catch all the blow over. I switched out to just a cap with airlock a couple of days ago when it stopped pushing up.

Also, sorry to hear you were bit by a car bug. Was it a recluse?

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