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1st attempt using wyeast

i am planning to brew this weekend and am going to be using wyeast 1056 do i need to activate the yeast a couple of days in advance like the kit says or only three hours like the yeast pack instructions say thanks

What is the date printed on the pack?

I generally smack mine 24-48 hours before I am going to brew.

What’s the gravity? If it’s over 1.040 you should make a starter a few days ahead of time. If the pack is more than a month old, make a starter regardless.

the date is dec 27 2011 the og is 1.064

smack it, make a 1 liter starter, you’ll be good to go. :cheers:

ok but this is only going to be my 2nd batch and the 1st was with a dry yeast how do i make a 1liter starter

just got done doing some research online on making a starter and i think im good to go thanks

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