1st All Grain Brewing Experience

Yesterday I brewed my first all grain batch. I made the NB Speckled Heifer. Everything seemed to go well and in less than 24-hrs I can tell the yeast is going to work nicely. The only concern I have is over the color, it appears a little “muddy” or coffee colored to me. Do you think that I may have done something wrong or am I just paranoid at this point? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Don’t worry. It won’t start looking like beer until the most active part of the fermentation is ending. You’re looking at suspended hop debris and yeast.

I’ve brewed that one a couple of times. It seems to look a lot darker in the carboy but when you siphon it you will see it looks just like the color of corn oil. This is a very nice beer. Last time I made a 10 gallon batch that went into 2 kegs. One of the kegs I added the zest of an orange a grapefruit and a couple limes. The zested keg was the better beer by far.

Thanks for the responses! I’m just a little anxious since it’s my first AG batch. Thanks for setting my min at ease!

Brews-R-us, I’ve brewed this recipe twice before but as a partial mash. Both times it turned out great, of coarse I like the original it is cloning! The second time I added more maize and flaked oats, you noticed a difference compared to the original recipe but it was good.