1st all grain brew

1st attempt at an AG brew went great today. Mashed inside and temps where right on and held great. Did the boil right outside the door on my deck. Outside temp was -17 without the wind chill factored in. Biggest problem I had was trying to tell if I had a good boil going because you could hardly see the pot with the amount of steam coming out of it.

+1. I boil outside also, and when it’s cold it definitely is hard to see whats going on in the pot. Congrats on your first AG batch! Hopefully my next will also be AG, and I’m rather excited to give it a shot.

Congrats on your first AG batch!

I find that wind is a bigger weather impediment than cold itself (for the wort, not us…that is just freezing).

I brewed as well, and can attest to the wicked cold! I also mash inside and boil right outside my kitchen patio door on my deck! Since the kitchen is MY domain any, I don’t get many complaints from the Misses for taking it over for five hours, as long as the boil is outside! :lol:

I brewed Saturday too. Luckily down here in NC it wasn’t nearly that cold :slight_smile:

We actually had a bit of a warm spell this weekend. It was humid too so very little steam coming from the pot (no more than normal when boiling something inside).

Congrats on the all-grain! I also just changed over from extract recently and I don’t see myself going back!